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Jodo is a Koryu Bujutsu (classical martial art) founded in 1605. It pits a 50 ¼ inch staff against a tachi, using the staff’s versatility and longer reach to subdue the attacker.



Two dedicated practitioners engaging in Jodo training at Aikido of Park Slope Dojo

Harvey King

5th Dan, Aikido

5th Dan, Shindo Muso Ryu Jodo


Harvey started Aikido back in 1981 at Aikido of Park Slope under Hal Lehrman Sensei, who is a direct student of Yoshimitsu Yamada Sensei, Chief Instructor of the New York Aikikai. Lehrman Sensei has been and still stands as a strong influence in Harvey’s attitude and path in the martial arts.

In 1983 Harvey began studying Iaido in an effort to gain a fuller understanding of traditional weapons, and to complement his Aikido training. He trained at the Japanese Swordsmanship Society (JSS) for several years, but was forced to discontinue due to knee-related issues. While at the JSS he observed Shindo Muso Ryu Jojutsu being taught by Uri Barsal, who became his first teacher. Soon after Harvey began training under his teacher David Pearl Sensei, and then visited Japan in 1986 to study under Pearl Sensei’s teacher Shigehiro Matsumura Sensei, head of the Kobukan Dojo in Tokyo. When Pearl Sensei retired Matsumura Sensei accepted Harvey as his deshi. He returns to Japan to train twice a year. Matsumura Sensei is a direct student of Takaji Shimuzu Sensei and Ichizo Otofuji Sensei.

Harvey has thoroughly enjoyed first training in and then teaching Jodo, and finds that practicing this art vastly improves one’s sense of timing and distance, skills which directly benefit Aikido training. As one progresses, Jodo emphasizes moving in a completely relaxed but active state, free on tension but able to instantly respond and adjust to new challenges. This is something that is a benefit to any martial artist.

For more information contact David Gravens email:

phone: 314-541-5315

Jodi Class Schedule at Aikido of Park Slope Brooklyn, NY
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