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Harmony in Aikido: Embracing Unity at Aikido of Park Slope
Morihei Ueshiba: Founder of Aikido and Great Teacher Ōsensei

About Aikido


Aikido is a traditional Japanese martial art created by Morihei Ueshiba (O-Sensei) in the early 20th century, as a synthesis and breakthrough out of the traditional jitsus of empty hand, sword and stick technique. O'Sensei's Aikido preserves the spirit of traditional budo in its most creative, positive spirit.


Composed of three Japanese characters: Ai, meaning harmony; Ki, spirit or energy; and Do, the path or the way. Aikido: “The Way of Unifying Energy”.


The Aikidoist trains to apply various wrist locks, arm pins or unbalancing throws to neutralize and control and subdue attackers without needing to inflict serious injury. Such practice is done in tandem with learning the art of falling, or “ukemi”, which trains the body and mind to receive techniques in a safe manner. 


Since Aikido is not a sport there are no competitive tournaments. Everyone enthusiastically helps in each individual’s growth.


As a traditional Japanese budo, Aikido maintains the qualities of martial spirit, effective technique and intense training. 


Aikido’s cultivates a spirit of protection. It aligns the body, releasing power from deeper and deeper sources, opening and connecting the channels of internal and external energy... 



Why Aikido?




















Video by Ruth Peyser, 6 Dan, Shidoin. © 2015 Ruth Peyser. By permission only.

The Principles of Aikido


Relaxation in movement,

Harmonizing with the surroundings,

Unobstructed expansion of energy

These principles are demonstrated in every movement and learned concretely in the experience of doing. The excitement of discovery is part of everyday practice.

Aikido is fun and incredibly engrossing. The movements develop every muscle in a balance of toning, stretching and strengthening. Each individual defines their own practice. Training can be gentle and gradual or an intense aerobic workout.


Observers always welcome.

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