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Aikido Community Thriving for Over 40 Years at Aikido of Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY

Monthly Special Basics Class with Lehrman Shihan


One day every month Hal Lehrman explores a different waza (technique) from the classical aikido canon. Beginning with the mechanics of the basic technique, he leads the class from the foundations as he was taught them 50 years ago, through variations (including from differing attacks), and finally modern interpretations as reflected by his current practice.



As anyone who has experienced Hal’s teaching of basic techniques, these classes are both a great opportunity to refine your practice, as well as a lot of fun! Beginners are especially encouraged to attend and enjoy the opportunity to learn basic technique from a Shihan (Master Teacher) and can also count on the personalized attention of advanced students working on their assistant instructor certifications.



These classes are of great interest to aikidoka of all levels. Take advantage of Lehrman Shihan in seminar mode as part of the regular class schedule of Aikido of Park Slope!



Upcoming Class Topics:


Saturday, November 15th - Iriminage


Monday, December 1st - Shihonage


Saturday, January 10th - Kokyunage


Monday, February 3rd - Ukemi (falling)


Monday, March 1st - Atemi (striking)


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