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- Hal Lehrman Sensei throwign Uke
the japanese kanji fr Aikido
A black belt aikdio student pinning an uke

Visit Aikido of Park Slope, see if Aikido is for you.


Ask anyone who practices Aikido...

They will tell you that Aikido is a full body workout; limbering, aerobic and challenging. The only discipline needed is showing up. Even when you’re tired, you show up and your energy is lifted by everyone you study with. Practice is always invigorating. Aikido practitioners can’t wait to get to the Dojo!


Aikido is the art of neutralizing dangerous attacks. You rediscover an instinct for avoiding and dissipating dangerous situations backed up by the skill to handle an aggressive attack to protect yourself or others.


Ai – Harmony    Ki – Energy    Do – The Way

The way of harmonizing energy


  • New Students - First Month only $50

  • Wednesday morning class now at 9:00 am

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Want More Info:

630 Sackett St.

Brooklyn, NY 11217 


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